Usage Agreement

  1. Goal
    Any engagement in ski, snowboarding, and other snow sports and activities at Inawashiro Ski Resort (hereafter referred to as The Resort), managed by DMCaizu (hereafter referred to as The Company) must be carried out in accordance with the Usage Agreement (hereafter referred to as The Agreement) laid out below. Use of facilities at The Resort by any parties who do not agree to the terms and conditions outlined in this agreement is prohibited. Matters not stipulated in The Agreement shall be based on the provisions of related laws and regulations. For matters not stipulated in related laws and regulations, the "Snow Sports Safety Standards" (National Ski Safety Council) shall be followed, in addition to socially accepted norms of sensible behavior.
  2. Conduct
    1. Behavior endangering other guests is prohibited.
      Any action that endangers the well-being of another guest or their belongings is strictly prohibited.
    2. General Awareness
      Skiers and snowboarders are required to monitor their surroundings at all times, skiing and snowboarding in a way that takes into account their physical condition, ability, the terrain, weather, snow conditions, and surrounding guests. They must control their speed in such a way as to be able to avoid any objects or persons at any given time.
    3. Consideration of People Ahead
      When a skier or snowboarder is in front of you, please take caution and choose a safe speed and route.
    4. Passing
      When passing other skiers or snowboarders, leave sufficient space such that no action the other person takes could cause there to be danger.
    5. Surroundings
      When skiing or snowboarding, crossing slopes, or relocating on a slope, be sure to check your front, back, left, and right for danger before moving.
    6. Gear Leashes
      Unattended gear sliding down the slope is dangerous to skiers and snowboarders. When using gear that may come free of your person, please use a leash to prevent accident and injury.
    7. Respecting Instructions and Warnings
      Remain aware of signage and announcements within The Resort, and obey the instructions of ski patrol and other resort staff.
    8. Cooperation Relating to Accidents
      In the case of an accident, we ask for your cooperation in reporting and aiding involved parties as necessary. Regardless of if you are an involved party or a witness, you are required to make your identity known.
    9. Personal Belongings
      Leaving personal belongings unattended in restaurants and other facilities at The Resort is forbidden. Please use the paid lockers and other storage facilities provided.
    10. Restaurants
      Outside food and drink is prohibited. If you have a food allergy or other unavoidable reason for bringing in outside food or drink, please notify staff and receive permission from The Resort. In addition, please be considerate of other customers and limit your time in restaurants.
    11. Parking
      Please obey the guidance of parking lot staff. If you do not follow their guidance, you may be asked to leave the resort.
    12. Shuttle Bus
      When waiting at the bus stop and during transit, please be wary not to disturb other passengers or local residents.
    13. Lifts & Other Cableways
      Kindergarten children and under will not be allowed to board cableways alone. Please make sure they are accompanied by a guardian or other liable party at time of boarding.
  3. Obligation to Avoid Hazards
    Ski resort guests are required to understand the following hazards specific to snow sports, comply with the rules of conduct stipulated in this agreement, and use their own caution to avoid accidents. Ski resort guests are responsible for exercising self-control over their skiing/snowboarding, being responsible in regards to other guests, and anticipating and avoiding hazards. The Company will not be held responsible for any accidents, injuries, or damage to equipment due to neglect of or disregard for the following hazards and rules of conduct.
    1. Hazards due to weather conditions such as snowfall, blizzard, rainfall, fog, lightning, etc.
    2. Hazards due to terrain such as cliffs, slopes, uneven terrain, ditches, streams, etc.
    3. Hazards due to snow quality or snow surface conditions such as ice, fresh snow, crevasses, avalanches, etc.
    4. Hazards due to natural obstacles such as rocks, standing trees, stumps, bushes, and exposed ground
    5. Hazards from man-made obstacles such as lift facilities, buildings, snow vehicles, etc.
    6. Hazards due to excessive speed
    7. Hazard from collisions with other skiers
    8. Hazard from self-inflicted falls
    9. Hazard due to fatigue, alcohol consumption, medication, poor physical condition, etc.
    10. Hazards due to the use of inappropriate equipment
    11. Other similar hazards
  4. Prohibited Behaviors
    When visiting The Resort, the following listed behaviors are strictly prohibited:
    1. Skiing and snowboarding outside of course boundaries.
    2. Entering any slope or other area that has been blocked off.
    3. Use of any gear that threatens the safety of other guests, or any gear specified as prohibited by The Resort.
    4. Use of slopes or facilities at The Resort by unattended kindergarten children without prior permission.
    5. Any behavior that interferes with the operation of lifts.
    6. Approaching snow compactors and other vehicles on the slopes.
    7. Any behavior that causes a disturbance to other guests or neighboring facilities of The Resort, such as making excessively loud noise in the restaurants, parking lots, and other facilities at The Resort.
    8. Defacing of any signage or otherwise posted notices at The Resort.
    9. Leaving personal belongings unattended anywhere other than the locations designated by The Resort.
    10. Disposal of empty cans, cigarette butts, etc. anywhere other than the locations designated by The Resort.
    11. Bringing animals, flammable items, and other dangerous objects into facilities at The Resort.
    12. Carrying out of any business, promotion, advertisement, solicitation, or any business-related activies or their preparations with a goal of making profits at The Resort without prior permission. Promotion, advertising, and solicitation are prohibited even if they are not for profits.
    13. Any behaviors that endanger yourself, other guests, or one's property, or that could harm the reputation or image of The Resort.
  5. Reparations
    Any damage or harm caused to The Resort, or other guests of The Resort, as a result of failure to adhere to the terms laid out in The Agreement or otherwise determined by The Resort must be paid by the offending party. Additionally, The Company accepts no liability for any damages incurred by its guests. The Company reserves the right bill the offending party for the full amount paid to any damaged parties in cases where The Company pays out reparations. Additionally, The Resort accepts no liablity for any injuries, theft, or other such accidents that occur between guests or to individual guests.
  6. Acts of God Disclaimer
    In situations which The Resort cannot guarantee the safety of guests due to natural disasters or other Acts Of God, or due to equipment malfunction, The Resort reserves the right to cease operations of lifts, in part or in full. In such cases, The Resort will not pay out any sort of refunds or compensation to guests. In addition, The Company accepts no liablity for any damage or loss of skis, snowboards, clothing, or other personal belongings, etc. caused in connection with the use of cableways when such cases fall under any of the following items.
    1. Stains or damage caused by grease, oil, metal rust, etc. or from cabelways such as lifts, or other various facilities.
    2. Stains or damage caused by high or low temperatures, melting snow, or other natural phenomenon.
    3. Stains or damage caused by wild animal droppings or otherwise caused by nature or the environment.
    4. Other causes for which it is difficult to take advance preventative measures due to characteristics of the cableway( 1 ) facilities.
  7. Exclusive Jurisdiction
    In event of a conflict between The Resort and a guest, the Tokyo District Court shall have exclusive jurisdiction as the court of first instance.
  8. Elimination of Anti-Societal Influences
    「In accordance with the "Law Concerning Prevention of Unjust Acts by Organized Crime Groups"」 (enforced on March 1, 1992), designated organized crime groups, designated organized crime group members, anti-societal groups, and members of anti-societal groups (organized crime groups, radical groups, etc. and their members) are strictly prohibited from using the facilities.
  9. Miscellaneous
    In the event that any matter is not stipulated in thi Agreement, or any question arises regarding the use of The Resort, the guest shall follow the instructions of The Resort. In the event that a guest refuses to adhere to instructions provided by staff or patrol members at The Resort, their facility privileges will be revoked for that day.
Last updated February 15, 2024
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