Inawashiro Ski Resort Recognized for Superior Safety in Cableway Industry

Oct 27,2021
Thank you for your continued support of Inawashiro Ski Resort.
As part of the 28th "National Railway Day" memorial ceremony held on October 25th, 2021, our cableway operations (Inawashiro Ski Resort, Ura-Bandai Ski Resort, and Kita-Nikko Takahata Ski Resort) have been recognized for superior safety by the Tohoku Transportation Bureau at the Ministry of Land, Infrastructure, Transport, and Tourism for having zero significant accidents.
At DMCaizu, we make "Guaranteed Saftey" our number one priority, and every member of our staff is hard at work to keep our operations in compliance, and to ensure that everyone can rest at ease while enjoying the mountains at our facilities.
We will take this award as an opportunity to further our efforts in providing safe transport, preventing accidents, and improving our services for customers.
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