Reception Area Updated: Ina Ski! Cosplay & Anime Board Festival

Feb 20,2024
We are happy to announce that the Ina Ski! Cosplay & Anime Board Festival will be moving forward as planned on Saturday, Feb. 24 and Sunday, Feb. 25.
However, the reception area has been updated from Minero Area to Base Area.
We deeply apologize for any inconvenience this change may cause to participants. Please be confirm the reception area before arriving.
We're eagerly looking forward to your participation.
We hope you can make many wonderful memories at our great location and enjoy its spectacular views.
Ina Ski! Cosplay & Anime Board Festival Summary
【Event Dates】
  • February 24th, 2024 (Sat) and February 25th, 2024 (Sun) 8:30AM-4:30PM
【Reception Area】
  • A dedicated reception desk will be set up to the left of the 2F ticket counter at Center House Bandai.
  • On the day of the event, please present your "Ina Ski! Fanclub" QR code at the ticket counter mentioned above.
  • You can use the rotary in front of Center House Bandai for loading/unloading cosplay items, so please let our parking staff know that you are here for the "Cosplay-Fest".
【Special Perks 】
  • Free all-day lift pass for the entire day of the event.
  • Free changing rooms exclusively for cosplayers will be provided.
【How To Qualify For Perks】
  • Be an "Ina Ski! Fanclub" member.
    You can sign up for the Ina Ski! Club here.
  • Have a full-body cosplay or fully-customized set of skis or snowboard.
  • If your cosplay is minimal (such as only a hat) or the stickers on your skis/snowboard are too small or do not cover all of the board, you may not receive any special perks at our staff's discretion.
  • Any swimsuits or revealing costumes are not permitted due to the mountain's harsh conditions.
【Participation Fee】
  • Free
  • Please note that if you are not a member of the Ina Ski! fanclub you will need to purchase a lift pass at the visitor price.
【Things To Note】
  • Our facility takes great care to combat the spread of COVID-19. We kindly ask that participants wear a mask or a neck warmer which covers the nose and mouth.
  • Please refrain from joining the event if you have a fever.
  • We ask that you preemptively install a COVID-19 close-contact confirmation app (such as COCOA) on your mobile device.
  • Please take note of your surroundings and safety before taking any photos.
  • People with cosplay which staff determine could cause problems or be dangerous to wear while on the slopes or lifts will be refused access.
  • By participating in the event, all participants give the right for the event organizers to use their image from any photos or videos. In addition, the organizers are entitled to use said photos or videos free of charge.
  • Please be aware that pictures taken during the event might be used in future flyers, posters, or social media posts.
  • Please check our homepage prior to the event for any sudden changes or cancellations due to bad weather, hazardous snow conditions, or COVID-19 related closures.
We're looking forward to your participation.
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