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Inawashiro Ski Resort in Fukushima in the Tohoku region is a spectacular ski resort for all skiers including beginners and experts, laid out in Bandai-Asahi National Park and surrounded by spectacular views of Mount Bandai and Lake Inawashiro.

The Base and Sky areas host a wide array of slopes for beginners and families to enjoy. The Kids Park is for small children to play safely.

The Minero area has one of the toughest and most famous courses in the Tohoku region, where national competitions are held. Meanwhile, most of the courses in this area are for intermediate-level skiers and snowboarders to enjoy speeding down the mountain. After a heavy snowfall, you can also enjoy fresh powder on the "All-Japan Ski Competition Course" located at the top of the Minero area.

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Inawashiro Ski Resort Course Information

No Course Name Average / Maximum Slope Angle Min-Max Width
1 All-Japan Ski Competition Course 19°/34° 50m-180m
Minero East Course 14°/22° 30m-50m
3 Minero Central Course 12°/14° 30m-50m
4-1 Upper Minero West 14°/22° 30m-50m
4-2 Lower Minero West 14°/22° 30m-50m
5 Central Line 14°/22° 20m-50m
6 Ama no Niwa Course 25°/30° 30m-50m
7 Ohmugaeshi Slope 18°/27° 140m-180m
8 Rinkan Course 16°/25° 20m-50m
9 Olympic Torch Relay Slope 11°/14° 80m-110m
10 Sasadaira Course 11°/14° 30m-30m
11 Hayama Course 8°/12° 20m-25m
12 Furikozaka Course 25°/27° 80m-80m
13 East Slope Course 28°/34° 30m-50m
14 Ohsawa Slalom Slope 35°/42° 35m-50m
15 East Family Slope 11°/15° 30m-120m
16 Central Slope 10°/14° 140m-200m
17 West Slope 10°/13° 120m-160m
18 Hayama Slope 10°/12° 50m-140m
※Snow scoots and other snow play equipment (other than ski/snowboard) is allowed on 17West Slope and 18Hayama Slope.
※Preschool kids are welcome to use29Sled, tube, and strider at the Kid's Park.

Inawashiro Ski Resort Facility Information

No Facility Details
19 Motion Recorder Multiple high-speed cameras follow and capture your gliding.
20 Wax Tunnels Your ski boards will be waxed and be ready to go in just 30 seconds.
21 Ina-ski! Clear-Dome Please enjoy the picturesque view of the lake from the observation dome looking over Lake Inawashiro. It is a precious location that no other ski resort is able to provide.
22 20-Ceremonial-Cauldron Memorial Monument If your timing is right, you may get lucky and receive a special torch blessing.
23 Ina-ski! Snow Tent Electric-heated carpets and rugs are provided so you can take off your shoes, stretch out your legs and relax, or maybe even take a nap.
24 Personal Break Area(reservation required) You can reserve a personal break area to relax during the day.
25 The Bell of Happiness A giant bell towering powerfully over the slopes. Ringing this bell may bring you happiness.
26 Ina-ski! Winter Fireworks Fireworks shows are held every Saturday, and on days before holidays. Let's ski towards Winter Fireworks from an altitude of 1,000m!
Snow Park Obstacles created combining natural terrain and JIBIGS (boxes and rails for sliding) are available.
29 Kids Park Make great memories with your kids! We have all of the latest snow-related play equipment.
30 Kicker Recorder Automatically capture the best moments of your jumps and tricks with multiple high speed cameras.
31 Memorial Photo Lens Take a photo with a picturesque background using Inawashiro Ski Resort's own original automated multi-angle camera.
32 Motion Recorder Side By Side Multiple high-speed cameras follow and capture two people skiing side-by-side.

Inawashiro Ski Resort Introduction

Virtual Skiing Videos

Enjoy virtual skiing videos from the skier's perspective going down the slopes at Inawashiro Ski Resort.

Sky Area

6Ama no Niwa Course
7Ohmugaeshi Slope →9Olympic Torch Relay Slope

Base Area

12Furikozaka Course →16Central Slope
11Hayama Course →17West Slope

Minero Area

22Minero East Course
22Minero East(Speed-up view)
4-14-2Minero West Course
1All-Japan Ski Competition Course (Upper Side)
5Central Line
The passageway between Minero Fourth pair〜Sky slope Line
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