Ina Ski! Slopeside Tent

Ina Ski! Slopeside Tent
"I want to relax somewhere I don't have to worry about coming into close contact with other skiers","I just want to take a break somewhere warm", "I want a rest area I can use all throughout the day".If that sounds like you, then our Slopeside Tents are just what you need!
The Ina Ski! Slopeside Tents are set up on the deck of Minero Center House and inside Restaurant Nina. They are rented out by the day, so you can rest assured that they are clean and sanitary. We hope you'll have a relaxing time in our Slopeside Tents.
Available Days
Dec 22, 2023 (Fri) - Mar 24, 2024 (Sun)
Tents Available
4 tents in total
# of Guests
Up to 6 guests at a time
Available Hours
8:00AM - 4:00PM
Usage Cost
3,500 (tax incl.) for 1-day
Inawashiro Ski Resort, Minero Center House Deck: 2 Slopeside Tents
Minero Center House (Nina): 2 Indoor Tents
Reservations can be made online.
Additional Notes
Please purchase your ticket and receive your key at the Minero Center House ticket counter.
Guests purchasing Ina Ski! Slopeside Tent tickets may also purchase their lift passes via the ticket counter's priority lane.
The priority lane will provide you with a smooth and speedy experience for both your lift pass and slopeside tent ticket.
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