Motion Cup Inawashiro Competition Announcement

Mar 10,2022
We here at Inawashiro Ski Resort will be holding a time trial competition (the Motion Cup Inawashiro) on our Motion Recorder® ski course.
Ina Ski! Club members can participate for free, so why not check in on your skills before the end of this ski season?
Due to measures to prevent the spread of COVID-19, ski competitions for elementary school students have been cancelled one after another. In order to provide an opportunity for children to showcase their abilities, we have established an elementary school student category for this competition.Take advantage of this great opportunity to make memories with your children.

"Motion Capture" Inawashiro Competition Overview

【Event Dates】
  • March 13th, 2022 (Sun), March 19th (Sat), March 20th (Sun), March 21st (Mon・National Holiday), March 26th (Sat) and March 27th (Sun)
  • Chuo Gelande: Motion Recorder® Special Course
  • Minero Gelande: Motion Recorder® Special Course
    ※You can register for either course, however you cannot participate in both areas.
【Event Time】
  • 9:30PM-2:00PM
【Conditions for Participation】
  • Ina Ski! Club Membership
    You can sign up for an Ina Ski! Club membership here.
  • Elementary school students can participate with the permission of a parent or guardian.
【Participation Fee】
  • Participation is free   as long as the participant has a valid day pass or season pass on the day of the event.
【How to Participate】
  • On the competition day, present your Ina Ski! Club Membership QR code while on the Motion Recorder® slope and you will automatically be given access.
【Determination of Rank】
  • The contestants will ski through all the flag gates of the Motion Recorder® course and compete for the best time to cross the finish line. Your best time from the first three runs on the day of the competition will be used to determine the ranking and placement.
  • Recorded times from the fourth run onward the day of the competition will not be entered into the competition data.
  • For each first place finish in a competition, a 0.3 second handicap will be added to your time at following competitions (regardless of competition location). For example, if you finish in first place twice in two previous competitions, you will receive a total 0.6 second handicap at your third. Handicaps will be reset after the end of the 21-22 ski season.
  • Season pass (excludinging priority lane pass) holders will have a 1 second handicap added to their time.
【Award Ceremony and Prizes】
  • Award ceremonies will be held at Center House Bandai for Chuo Gelande winners, and at Minero Center House for Minero Gelande winners at 3:00PM on competition days.
  1. Adult Ski Category: 1st Place-3rd Place (men and women's categories will be separate)
  2. Adult Snowboard Category: 1st Place-3rd Place (men and women's categories will be separate)
  3. Elementary School Ski Category: 1st Place-3rd place (boys and girls' categories will be separate)
  4. Elementary School Snowboard Category: 1st Place-3rd place (boys and girls' categories will be separate)
  5. Those who place right in the middle of each each category (for example, 10th place out of 20 participants) will receieve the "middle-of-the-pack" award. Please note however that there will be no duplicate awards for winners in categories 1 through 4 above.
  • Prize Money: 1st place: ¥10,000, 2nd place: ¥5,000, 3rd place: ¥3,000, Middle-of-the-Pack award: ¥5,000
  • Prizes will be distributed during the award ceremony.
    Winners unable to join the award ceremony on the day of the event forfeit their right to receive the aforementioned prize.
  • Our facility takes great care to combat the spread of COVID-19. We kindly ask that participants wear a mask or a neck warmer which covers the nose and mouth. Additionally, we ask all participants to properly wash their hands and use alcohol disinfectant, as well as to refrain from participating if they have a fever.
  • By participating in the competition, all participants give the right for the organizers to use their image from any photos or videos. In addition, the organizers are entitled to use said photos or videos free of charge.
  • Photos taken during the competition may be used for future business flyers, posters, and social media posts.
  • After the competition, all prize winners will have their name, gender, address (up to the city/town/village) and recorded event time published on our official homepage.
  • Competition results, inlcuding the prize winner's name, gender, address (up to the city/town/village) may be announced and displayed on a public notice board.
  • Please check our homepage prior to the event for any sudden changes or cancellations due to bad weather, poor snow conditions, or COVID-19 related closures.
  • In case of accidents our staff will apply first-aid, but do not accept any responsilbilty or liability beyond that.

About the Motion Recorder®

We're looking forward to your participation.
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